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Our software origins come from the robust and accurate nature of our traditional product, which since the 1980s, continues to provide reliable solutions to help manage aviation engineering and maintenance processes to our customers worldwide. Our software has always been able to run on a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms, it has been portable from the beginning.

The evolution of our product is based on the best innovative practices. Our system is modular, flexible and fully integrated. Our suite of solutions are desktop and web-based applications that enable our customers to enter and access critical data with ease. Our customers can access our software whenever and wherever they like which enables them to make informed daily operational as well as key business decisions.

Maintenance Management Module

The Maintenance Management Module maintains records for parts, services and technical instructions on aircraft and utilises a structure of higher assembly levels to track component assemblies.

This enables the user to process complete assemblies with a minimum of data input. The status of all aircraft in your fleet can be tracked, and from this, forecasts of work requirements can be produced (Due List) to assist in planning.

Maintenance Management Module features include:

  • Technical records
  • Processing parts, Services, Inspections, Airworthiness directive, Service bulletin, etc.
  • Maintenance planning due list
  • Multi-level assemblies
  • Component & Inspection histories
  • Record & Catalogue validation
  • Import & Removal of aircraft records
  • Streamline fleet management as fleet changes

Inventory Module

The Inventory Module provides comprehensive control of all types of parts regardless of their status (whether they are on the aircraft, in the hanger, on loan, being repaired or on order). The Inventory Module is further divided to allow appropriate access to users aligned with their responsibilities for Purchasing and Accounting.

Inventory Module features include:

  • Multiple stores
  • Alternate part management
  • Part costing & history
  • Logistics Management – Requisitions, Reservations & Purchasing
  • Interface to accounting systems
  • Batch Number tracking
  • Part availability & usage information
  • Shelf life, Reorder & Stock Levels
  • Currency conversions

Work Orders Module

The Work Orders Module tracks all parts used and all work carried out to the assigned work order. The Work Order system can be set up to operate in a “real time mode” or to allocate time and material values when records are processed.

Work Orders Module Features Include:

  • Track parts and labour on a given job
  • Raise Work Orders against Aircraft, Unfitted Assemblies, Clients or General Work Orders
  • Operate in “Real Time Mode” or by allocating time and materials as records are processed

Mobile Module

The Mobile Module allows access to IAS via a wireless network. With this module you can access IAS and use the built-in data-capture capabilities of a mobile barcode scanner. The use of a mobile device and the accuracy of scanned data allows a significant improvement in areas such as stocktake and locating parts.

Other Modules Include

  • Aircraft Operations
  • Reliability
  • Work Packs

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