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Aviation software specialists for over 25 years

We decided over 25 years ago we wanted to specialise. Aviation software is all we do. Maintenance and Engineering software is all we do. We live and breathe it, which is why we are able to write, beautifully design, develop and deliver truly integrated modules with seamless interfaces.

IAS Business Intelligence

Easy to use. Intuitive. Web based.
A complete and interactive insight into your business. Anytime. Anywhere.


“During the last few years we have seen a massive improvement in the quality and the reduction in man hours. This has allowed us to spend time developing new IAS BI reports and dashboards to improve further. Last but not least we have received incredible feedback during our regulatory and customer audits on the progress made in this area.”

Steven Plunkett | Maintenance Programme & Reliability Engineer
Mission Critical Services Offshore | Aviation
Babcock International Group

“IAS Business Intelligence has allowed us to run a vast offering of reports which are quick and reliable. Where a report doesn’t exist we simply create our own.”

Tara Mennie | Procurement Manager
Mission Critical Services Offshore | Aviation
Babcock International Group

“During a meeting, discussing an issue, I can open up IAS Business Intelligence, look up a report and give an answer straight away. So instead of having to adjourn and have another meeting, we have the information in front of us and a decision can be made immediately.”

Herb Heuckeroth | Procurement Controller
Virgin Australia

Integrated Modules

Our system is modular, flexible and fully integrated. For over 25 years we have built a reputation across the globe for developing and supplying aviation maintenance management software that makes complex problems easier to solve.






Work Orders



Fixed and rotary customers worldwide

Our aviation software caters to both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Our customers are located all around the world, from Australia to Europe, from Asia to Africa. They range from regional airlines to offshore helicopter operators, mining operations to search and rescue and medical evacuations. Whether you have a fleet of 6 or 60, IAS can help you with your maintenance software solutions.

IAS helicopter

Support staff with aviation experience

Here at IAS there are no automated ticketing systems and no generic help desk staff. The person who answers your phone call or email is the person who can help you, so you get real support, instantly.

IAS Plane

If you would like to see how IAS software can help you, please contact us.

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