It all started with a problem tracking parts

It was back in the 1980s that management at a local, Adelaide aviation company realised they needed to find a better way to account for the parts and maintenance of their fleet of helicopters and planes. They searched for a solution and after they could not find one that suited, they formed a joint venture with a US software company.

When the Australian aviation industry deregulated, the ownership of the joint venture was transferred to one of the directors of the aviation company. That was the beginning of the evolution of the organisation that, in 1991, became IAS — Integrated Aviation Software.

Second generation family business

Today, IAS remains a family business with its core focus on excellence. The managing director, Dieter Schmerlaib, joined the family business in 1998 — but not before gaining a Commerce Degree and a Mathematics Degree majoring in Computer Science, as well as several years’ experience working in IT in telecommunications in England and tourism in Canada.

Hands-on management

Unlike other businesses in our industry, our managing director is very involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation. He brings his passion and expertise in computer science, programming, mathematics, problem solving, business analysis and more to lead and inspire the whole team. Which is only possible because of our unique organisational structure.

All under the one roof

Our head office is located in Adelaide, Australia and again, uniquely to our industry, we house all of our departments in the one building. Management, administration, marketing, the development team and our support team are in constant communication.

A more agile organisation

Our organisation has been purpose-built to be flexible and responsive. Fast feedback from our support team helps with new developments and changes that we know our customers need and want.


Customers stay for decades

Here at IAS, we are extremely proud to have a very loyal customer base. Most of our customers have been with us for quite a number of years, and a few have been with us for decades. Our customers tell us that they choose to stay with IAS because our software is reliable, because they get value for money, and because of our exceptional customer support.

All over the world

From our head office in Adelaide, Australia, we service customers in countries all around the world including: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Bhutan, Hong Kong, South Africa, Nigeria, United Kingdom and Russia.

Fixed wing and rotary fleets

Our customer’s fleets are very varied, and range from smaller organisations with 4 or 5 aircraft to larger regional airlines. At IAS, we have designed our software to cater for all types of fixed and rotary aircraft.

IAS helicopter
IAS Plane
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