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Web based, easy to use, flexible and functionally rich

IAS Business Intelligence delivers interactive dashboards, real-time reports, easy data-sharing capabilities, comprehensive analytics, mobile applications and collaborative environments. This platform enables you to analyse and present your data in various formats so that you can identify business opportunities and needs quickly and effectively. With us, your business is at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.

Interactive Dashboards

  • Beautiful and intuitive
  • Quick access to business data
  • High-level summary reports and KPIs presented in a single dashboard
  • Drill down into detail to answer business questions quickly and accurately

A real storyteller

  • Tell important and compelling stories with your data
  • Deliver engaging presentations and share LIVE data with our storyboards

Reports and Alerts

  • Easy to use and share
  • Report Creation Wizard
  • Drag-and-drop report creation
  • Proactive alerts
  • Track any critical business changes

Deliver business insights

  • Publish reports instantly
  • View reports and share knowledge, regardless of where you are

Collaboration made easy

  • We make it easy to share important insights throughout your organisation
  • Distribute reports, dashboards, storyboards in multiple ways

Mobile Analytics

  • Explore your data wherever you are
  • Off-line mode gives you uninterrupted access
  • Make up-to-date decisions. Anytime. Anywhere.